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PLC Control s.c. was established in 1997. Thecompany is active on an international basis in the field of processautomation of production. The employees of the Company have been engaged for many years inengineering and commissioning of I & C equipment and systems, both athome and abroad. PLC Control s.c.constitutes an engineeringcompany, deeply engaged into implementation of state-of-the-art processautomation solutions for diverse industries. We are able to undertakecomplex handling of plant automation tasks for modernized or newindustrial plants.

The goal and strategy

We strive to reach a comprehensive customerservice, applying and implementing modern, reliable process controlsystems, communication, tested electrical installations and fieldinstrumentation. We consistently follow new technological trends anddevelopments of leading manufacturers. It allows us to guarantee maximumcompetence for each task we perform. Whether its more traditional service supportsuch as commissioning and maintenance or individual consultative services- the result is efficient and measurable customer benefit.
   ul. Zagłoby 12F, 31-980 Kraków, Polska

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